Thursday, May 01, 2008

Starting a new chapter

So, apparently we got a phone call last night and the boys start t-ball tonight! They will have their parent's meeting followed by a practice. I can't believe my babies are old enough to start playing sports. They are going to be very tired tonight though, they have both soccer and t-ball. It will be interesting to see how tired they are. Hopefully I will remember the camera tonight so I can take pictures of their first t-ball practice.

In other news, THEY ARE ALL HEALTHY AGAIN!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I really hate it when they are sick, so this is great news for me. Now I just have to completely catch up on all that laundry. They sure make a lot of it when they are sick.

Oh, and I added a new feature...there is a slide show at the bottom of the page with our Easter pictures with Grandma. They had so much fun taking them I wanted to share them.