Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sending my baby to school!

Four years ago, I was thinking this day would never come. She would always be my tiny little princess that I could hold in my arms forever, but here we are, August 12, 2009, and tomorrow I'm sending the little princess off to school. Kaitlyn is a happy, healthy, thriving four year who tomorrow will go to her first day of prekindergarten.

I can say I am thrilled to send her, well at least in a way. I'm thrilled she will be with other kids her age, she will be with a great teacher, who also taught Michael, and she is READY! I'm sad because she's my baby, and I honestly don't know if I'm ready to let her go. She might be my last and I'm not ready to admit that.

I know this is only half days and she will be with me in the mornings, but this is a big step! She looked at me just yesterday and said, "Mommy, I will miss you when I'm at school, but I promise I will come home. It will be okay." I truly know it will!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Too long

It's been too long since I've added a new post here. We are preparing to start the new school year on Thursday! In our household we will have a preschooler, a first grader, and a second grader! I can't believe it's time to send Kaitlyn off to school! We've been doing back to school shopping like crazy and getting everything together.

Robert on I went on our adults vacation to Florida with friends. It was an amazing time and neither of us wanted to leave. We miss Jeremy and Lucy terribly and are hoping it won't be too long before we get to see them again.

We also took the kids to Sea World for the first time! We went to San Antonio over the 4th of July weekend and had a wonderful time. I will post pictures soon. The kids also got to meet my Aunt and her family for the first time. They had a ball playing with their cousin and seeing the San Antonio zoo. Hopefully it won't be 6 years before I get to see them again.

Also this summer we got word that my Mother has cancer. It's scary to find this out, but we know God has a plan! He is going to reveal himself to us in ways we can only imagine during this trial. Please pray for my family as we deal with this. Pray for strength and encouragement because God is good and he will provide!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye for now Grandpa

This last week I lost someone very dear to me. My Grandfather passed away on Sunday June 14th. He left this world and began his life in Heaven. While I know this and I know he isn't suffering anymore, my own human nature wishes he was still here on Earth with his family. He left this world and was welcomed into Heaven at 10:30am, received by his Mother, Father, brothers, sisters, My Grandmother, two of his children, and two Grandchildren. And I know when God decides to call me home, I will see him again.

My heart aches for my loss, but I rejoice that he got to be with Jesus on Sunday. How glorious that must have been!

For Grandpa!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Decision is made!

Well, in the Baker household summer is officially here! We've had many things happen since my last important one was my PWOC Spring Retreat. It's always been a time to get back in line with the Lord, but this year was especially meaningful. For a few months I've been looking for answers on what to do with Michael for school next year. I've spent tons of time in prayer asking God what his will is, and after what felt like weeks and weeks of waiting, I think I got my answer!

One morning at our Retreat, our speaker was talking about how she had a niece and nephew who were twins, but THEY ARE BOTH INDIVIDUALS! This hit me like a brick. You see since birth I've know the boys were individuals, but I've really struggled with the fact that they are SO different. I want them to do the same things at the same time, like many twin parents, but that really isn't how twins are made. God made us all unique, in his own image! According to Psalm 139, God knows us inside and out and made us all exactly how we are supposed to be. So why would twins be any different? They aren't! Each one has their own set of gifts given by the Lord to share and use for His Glory.

From the time of the twins birth, I've firmly believed they each had a purpose given directly to them from God. You see this is a special story I've never shared with most people. During the birth of the twins, I had a placental abruption of twin A, aka Michael. This abruption happened at some time prior to my water breaking at 4pm. I got to the hospital at 5:00pm, and was rushed in for an emergency c-section. The twins were born, at 5:40 pm and 5:41 pm. Michael wasn't breathing and required resuscitation, by the time my Mom saw them in the NICU, shortly after birth, Michael was still very blue, but everyone played it off as normal for a preemie.

Once I finally saw my OB again, we all realized how lucky me and the babies were. The nurse had come in and told me I was very lucky, but all I wanted to know was how my babies were. She had told me the doctor would be in. Well, about an hour or so later, someone finally spoke to me. I didn't realized that I could have lost my own life at that time, let alone the babies.

After reading the post op report from my surgery, we found out that Michael shouldn't have lived! The report actually states that he is a non survivable infant! As most of you reading this know, the boys spent 25 days in the NICU, which from what I hear is really good for 31 weekers. We also heard many times from my OB, who would just come over and visit the boys, that it's a miracle that Michael was here.

The boys just being around is a miracle to Robert and I who tried to get pregnant for two years, as my sister Christina always told me, God gave me one for every year we tired. We are thankful every day that God gave us the honor to raise to wonderful little boys, who are very quickly growing every day. It's hard to believe they started at 3 lbs 13 oz and 3 lbs 11 oz and are now 45+ lbs and 40+ lbs.

So, since they are both individuals, Robert and I made the decision, Michael will be going to try 2nd grade. If he doesn't do well, then we haven't lost anything, he will just go back to 1st grade and continue school.

Also, we got word at the very end of the school year, that Michael made it into the ACE program. So, he will be pulled out of class, once a week we believe, for gifted education!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I never realized how much a decision like this weighs on your mind. I have to say a lot of thought time and energy has gone into even thinking about Michael going into second grade. We've been thinking about this for at least two weeks, it's actually been longer, but that's when I posted it on the blog, and here we sit with lots to consider still.

We've heard it all from everyone. it won'tbe good for him in junior high and high school. He'll be small and so young. If you don't do it you will be holding him back from his potential. He's a twin. All these are thing that have run throguh our heads without anyone saying anything. So, what do we do? Do we send our baby into second grade and hope we made the right decision or do we keep him in first grade and watch him be bored for the next year, not learning anything new?

He has pretty much spent his kindergarten year in school bored and being a teacher's helper. And while I don't feel there is anything wrong with that, I do feel that he needs to be challenged in school. How can I knowingly put a child into first grade knowing that he already knows what he needs to?

So, where are we on this decision? The answer is as confused as ever, but we know a little more...we know Michael wants to go to second grade. We know we will be having a meeting, around teh second week of May to discuss all of this with people from the school. We know this was theit idea and the principal is already on board with him going a head a year. So, as things stand right this minute...we are looking at putting Michael ahead a year in school. This would mean we would have a second grader, a first grader, and a preschool student next year.

How will this affect Patrick? Hopefully not much...we know he will have some questions, but it's not like they would ever be in the same class ever again. We separated them in preschool and it was teh best decision we've made for them even though it was very hard for me to do it at that time. Patrick has bloomed since then! Is Patrick going to be an less loved? Absolutly NOT! We love all our children regardless of how they progress in school. Is Michael going to be punished if he doesn't succed in the second grade? No, he will just be moved back to first grade without any questions.

I reserve the right to change my mind about this decision at any time, if it's be the better of Michael!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring pictures 2009

What to do with a kid who is to smart?

Never in my dreams would I have thought I'd have to figure out the answer to this question...

But here we are the end of kindergarten and we are trying to figure out where Michael fits in the school system! Right now he is at the end of kindergarten, but is doing 2ND grade work. We are looking into possibly moving him the 2ND grade next year per the recommendation of his kindergarten teacher. What complicates this decision even more for us is the fact that Michael is a twin. In my opinion if he were a single child then this decision wouldn't be so hard, I'd move him in a heartbeat with the information I have, but a twin brother it complicates things in my mind.

1. Will this make Patrick feel dumb?
2. Will Patrick be upset with Michael for "leaving" him behind?
3. Will this really be any different for Patrick?

I've been told by some, don't do it because it will hinder him in junior high and high school, he will be smaller if he plays sports, his maturity level isn't high enough, but from others I've been told this is a good idea, he can handle it, he is ALWAYS with the older kids. So right now, I just don't know where to go.

I can say Michael is a very special child, all children are special! God placed everyone here for a reason and right now I'm spending a lot of time in prayer over this. I want to do what is BEST for Michael now. If you pray, please pray for wisdom that Robert and I will get to the answer the Lord wants us to for Michael.

I will tell you, we aren't making a rash decision. There are many people involved and will continue to be many people involved before, during, and after the decision is made. All my children have a very strong support system from many people. We will be having a meeting some time in May to discuss this with an ACE rep, his kindergarten teacher, a 1st grade teacher, a 2ND grade teacher, the Principal, and anyone else that might be of use to us. Right now his teacher is having a 2ND grade teacher prepare work for Michael to do in the mornings because she can't keep him busy. This is just a lot to think about...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Why am I so bad about keeping up with this? Maybe because I run a daycare out of my home and have 3 kids of my own. That might explain it, but then again maybe not. Some days I feel like a horrible person, I mean...I never updated after Disney, I ended on what? Day 3? Here we are approaching a year after the trip and I'm afraid we won't have a record of it if I don't get it down soon, but most days all I want to do after 5:30pm, when my last daycare child leaves is cuddle my kids and lay on the couch. Some days I don't even want to cook dinner! Good thing I have a wonderful husband who doesn't mind cooking for our family!

So, are you wondering what is going on here? Well, my daycare officially opened on October 1st! It's been so wonderful. Don't get me wrong there are days I want to SCREAM, but I didn't have to work retail at Christmas again. I also get to stay home with Kaitlyn. On most days I have around 6 kids, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I am always full, but the other 3 days a week, it varies. I love having my nights and weekends free to spend with my family.

Let's see Michael...he is READING! This kid loves to read and ready anything he can get his hands on. He is spelling so much that it doesn't do me any good to spell to keep him from understanding a conversation...he can usually spell everything I want to say. He is in kindergarten right now and it looking forward to first grade. He's also doing great in Math. I was able to pretty much teach him how to carry numbers in addition with showing him once.

Patrick's biggest accomplishment right now is learning how to tie his shoes! He come home from school one day and said Mommy, I tied my shoes at school today! Mind you, we've been working on this since September! He can officially tie his shoes. His other BIG accomplishments this year include learning his phone number and how to write his first and last name.

Kaitlyn is my little princess and I don't think that will ever change even if we have another little girl. She loves shopping, purses, and shoes! Her Daddy is in trouble when she's a teenager, better lock up the credit cards now, LOL. One of her favorite things to do is go to the mall. She will start preschool in the fall and I am so looking forward to it! She needs to go to school to be with more kids her age.

So, that's my update...