Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anyone need a Mommy break?

So, Michael has been sick for about a week...no fevers or anything, but he will throw up out of no where. I got concerned and took him to the ped yesterday and they do blood work, xrays and the whole nine yards. We have a follow up on Friday to see if he is better.

So, overnight Patrick got sick and then this morning Kaitlyn got sick. So apparently I can't win for losing. I'm so tired of dealing with sick kids. I guess I should be happy, at least I'm not sick ***KNOCK ON WOOD***. So anyway, my day has consisted of baths, laundry, oh yeah, and even more laundry, and I hate laundry, but such is the life of a Mother.

Anyone want to join me in a Mommy break now?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another weekend gone :(

Well another weekend is gone and I don't know where it went...anyone want to help me find it? In good news, that's another weekend closer to Disney World, so can we hurry up and get into May already.

For me this weekend was lots of fun. Friday night and Saturday I was at a PWOC retreat. Talk about spending time in fellowship and with the Lord. We had an organization called WOWW come and a Worship leader and they were all AWESOME! I really hope someday to be able to share more of what they gave to me this weekend.

In other news, I am working on getting my home certified to do daycare. It's really amazing the stuff they require for you to have other children in your home. One of the biggest things this is forcing is rearranging of schedules and furniture. We are moving the boys into the bigger room upstairs, making the smaller room an office/playroom and then making our front room the daycare room. I'm also working on getting the house ready for an inspection, writing contracts, and building an environment for children. Some of it seems tedious to me, but it's what they require so I will get it all done. I need to have most of it finished by the beginning of June.

This also means the boys will be getting a new bed. I don't know if I want to just do two separate twin beds, a bunk bed or what, so if anyone has any suggestion I'd love to hear them. I've decided that they need to start sleeping separately again, so that is why we've decided no matter what it will be two twin beds. I just don't know if I'd rather two separate beds or bunk beds. And I want to give them some choice in the matter since in all likely hood this will be their beds for some time to come. It's amazing what decisions really weigh on your heart as a mother.

Anyway, I'm hoping to really get back into the habit of this blogging thing, so hopefully you will see more of it soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Okay, this is going to be a vent so if you don't want to hear it that's fine! Some people in this world have nothing better to do with their life than but into other people's lives! That must just be their goal in life, and unfortunately it affects other people more often than not, and it's beyond frustrating. I wish people would worry about their own life and not others unless it's something that is hurting them or endangering others, just butt out!

Since this is a public blog, I won't post all the details, but if your curious what prompted this rant, email me and I will share with you if I actually know you personally.

Friday, April 04, 2008


So we are only 4 days into April and I'm already wishing it was over, LOL. This has been a busy month already.

The last Thursday in March, Robert had a soccer accident. They were playing a game and he ended up breaking his big toe on his right foot. We didn't think it was that bad, but he went to the doctor on Friday and found out it was A LOT worse than we thought. He shattered his big toe! It had 4 or 5 breaks in the toe. So we were told his best option would be surgery. Okay, let's schedule the surgery. So on Wednesday morning, April 2nd, Robert went in for surgery. The day before, we were told the surgery would take 30-45 minutes, uuuummm, yeah, April Fool's on us.

We left our house at 6:20am to take the kids to a friends for what we thought would be the morning. Once leaving their house we drove to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 7:20am. They got him checked in and put his IV in and we settled in for a wait of about a hour or so we thought. Around 10:00am they come in and tell us his doctor is running behind and it will be another hour or so. At about 11am, they finally come and get him for surgery. It's at this time we are told it's going to be at least a hour long surgery!

So he heads to the OR and I head to the waiting room. And so the wait begins. At 1:25pm, the surgeon finally comes to talk to me. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes to put his toe back together. In the end he got a plate and 5 or 6 pins placed in his toe :O.

Anyway, I begin another period of waiting to be able to go see him. At 1:45pm, they let me back to his outpatient room to be with him. He has a few conversations with me, but mostly he's out of it. Finally around 2:40pm, they begin trying to get him to eat. I say trying on purpose...he didn't take to it well at all. We spent the next at least 2 hours trying to find something to work for his nausea. I felt so bad for him, because there wasn't anything I could do. Finally at about 5:20pm, I decided to go call my parents and give them an update. When I came back he was EATING! So he was discharged at 6:00pm.

He has been doing pretty well at home. The first night he slept pretty good and has been on pain meds since the surgery. Tonight we are actually having a babysitter and going out to dinner. He will be off work for 2 weeks and then we will see what happens. Right now things are good!