Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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What to do with a kid who is to smart?

Never in my dreams would I have thought I'd have to figure out the answer to this question...

But here we are the end of kindergarten and we are trying to figure out where Michael fits in the school system! Right now he is at the end of kindergarten, but is doing 2ND grade work. We are looking into possibly moving him the 2ND grade next year per the recommendation of his kindergarten teacher. What complicates this decision even more for us is the fact that Michael is a twin. In my opinion if he were a single child then this decision wouldn't be so hard, I'd move him in a heartbeat with the information I have, but a twin brother it complicates things in my mind.

1. Will this make Patrick feel dumb?
2. Will Patrick be upset with Michael for "leaving" him behind?
3. Will this really be any different for Patrick?

I've been told by some, don't do it because it will hinder him in junior high and high school, he will be smaller if he plays sports, his maturity level isn't high enough, but from others I've been told this is a good idea, he can handle it, he is ALWAYS with the older kids. So right now, I just don't know where to go.

I can say Michael is a very special child, all children are special! God placed everyone here for a reason and right now I'm spending a lot of time in prayer over this. I want to do what is BEST for Michael now. If you pray, please pray for wisdom that Robert and I will get to the answer the Lord wants us to for Michael.

I will tell you, we aren't making a rash decision. There are many people involved and will continue to be many people involved before, during, and after the decision is made. All my children have a very strong support system from many people. We will be having a meeting some time in May to discuss this with an ACE rep, his kindergarten teacher, a 1st grade teacher, a 2ND grade teacher, the Principal, and anyone else that might be of use to us. Right now his teacher is having a 2ND grade teacher prepare work for Michael to do in the mornings because she can't keep him busy. This is just a lot to think about...