Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sending my baby to school!

Four years ago, I was thinking this day would never come. She would always be my tiny little princess that I could hold in my arms forever, but here we are, August 12, 2009, and tomorrow I'm sending the little princess off to school. Kaitlyn is a happy, healthy, thriving four year who tomorrow will go to her first day of prekindergarten.

I can say I am thrilled to send her, well at least in a way. I'm thrilled she will be with other kids her age, she will be with a great teacher, who also taught Michael, and she is READY! I'm sad because she's my baby, and I honestly don't know if I'm ready to let her go. She might be my last and I'm not ready to admit that.

I know this is only half days and she will be with me in the mornings, but this is a big step! She looked at me just yesterday and said, "Mommy, I will miss you when I'm at school, but I promise I will come home. It will be okay." I truly know it will!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Too long

It's been too long since I've added a new post here. We are preparing to start the new school year on Thursday! In our household we will have a preschooler, a first grader, and a second grader! I can't believe it's time to send Kaitlyn off to school! We've been doing back to school shopping like crazy and getting everything together.

Robert on I went on our adults vacation to Florida with friends. It was an amazing time and neither of us wanted to leave. We miss Jeremy and Lucy terribly and are hoping it won't be too long before we get to see them again.

We also took the kids to Sea World for the first time! We went to San Antonio over the 4th of July weekend and had a wonderful time. I will post pictures soon. The kids also got to meet my Aunt and her family for the first time. They had a ball playing with their cousin and seeing the San Antonio zoo. Hopefully it won't be 6 years before I get to see them again.

Also this summer we got word that my Mother has cancer. It's scary to find this out, but we know God has a plan! He is going to reveal himself to us in ways we can only imagine during this trial. Please pray for my family as we deal with this. Pray for strength and encouragement because God is good and he will provide!